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" Rich, I have some exciting news to tell you. I have found a new use for your MSM Gel. I had "Target Lesions" that were extremely painful. The doctor gave me some samples of creams that did nothing for the pain! I started putting on the MSM Gel and guess what? The pain went away and the lesions started healing up fairly rapidly. Within a week and a half they were gone. Thank you so much!"
- Sherrie Pedersen
"I felt compelled to write this testimonial after using your MSM. My wife is a Registered Nurse and I am a retired Police Officer. Because she has seen first hand the horrible side effects of prescription medication, we have dedicated the last several years to finding the absolute best natural supplements available.There is no doubt that your MSM is the very best we have found.

I have suffered from chronic pain for many years.Throughout my career I have been shot, stabbed, run down by cars, been in several motorcycle crashes, and trained in combative fighting for over 35 years, never giving much thought to how I would feel later in life. Well later in life is here. I was extremely skeptical about the claims on your website because nothing but prescription medication has worked for me in the past.

I am very happy to say that all your claims are absolutely true. I felt relief the very first day and after one week my pain is 95% gone.Considering that I was not sleeping through the night because of pain, and I could not do any type of physical activity without experiencing pain, your MSM is nothing short of a godsend.

I drink the flake during the day and use the gel before I go to bed as you suggested, and it works! Thank you for your dedication to better health."
- Ron Rose

"There's not enough to say about this incredible product and the benefits that come along with it. Being a professional athlete and a minor league baseball player with the Los Angeles Dodgers, I'm pushing my body to its max constantly all year long and MSM Bulk Flake from MSM Health Solutions is the only supplement I take that I can truly and honestly say makes a difference in more ways than one. It tremendously helps with any inflammation and pain, i feel a great boost in energy, my body always feels clean and with continued use of MSM Bulk Flake I really start noticing improvements in motor skills which is probably because of the decease in bodily inflammation, increased flexibility and just the general decrease of toxins floating around the body. MSM Bulk Flake Is a great weapon to have in any persons arsenal. Since taking MSM Bulk Flake and the MSM Gel, I couldn't imagine being without it. Thank you so much."
- Robbie Garvey, MiLB Player
"In February of this year I contracted Shingles. I have been burned and had a few painful injuries in my life, none that have been as devastating as Shingles. I've lived with excruciating pain daily with no relief, in bed at times for days. My friend Murray Finn introduced me to the MSM Gel (MSM Joint, Muscle and Tissue Support Gel to be exact) and I found amazing relief! For the first time my sleep has improved and the pain has subsided to almost nothing. I hope every person with Shingles hears of your products. I have ordered the MSM Bulk Flakes and can't wait to get started. I am making it my personal quest to let as many Shingles sufferers know about your MSM products. Thank you for the pain relief!"
- Bill Elliot

"I love your products. The gel was the only thing that stopped my late husband's midnight charlie horses."
- Jeanne Bradshaw
"About 10 years ago, a coworker recommended MSM Health Solutions' MSM Joint Muscle Support Gel after I had lower back disc surgery. I've used it since then, whenever I've neglected my stretching and my lower back is aggravated again. It always gets my back back on track, so to speak. I always keep a couple bottles on hand.

Typically, I had only used it for back pain, but a couple times over the past 10 years, I got small burns, one from a curling iron, another from the oven, and I tried a little dab of gel on the burn. It took the pain away instantly-- I never even got blisters--but these were small, minor burns, after all.

Two days ago, I did something truly, truly stupid! I was making my first Christmas frittata that required some cooking in a frying pan on the stove top, after which you put the pan in the oven for about 15 minutes at 450 to really brown the cheese. I opened the oven when the dish was golden brown, was multitasking and not thinking, and grabbed that long-handled frying pan with my bare hand. The searing pain was mind-blowingly beyond excruciating! I didn't even put my hand in water. I ran straight for the MSM gel! I coated my entire hand in about 1/4 inch of gel. It instantly helped ease some of the pain, but my hand was so burned, I thought I was going to have to go to the ER! I was supposed to leave in 24 hours to fly to spend Christmas with family in Phoenix and now doubted that I'd be able to make it. There'd be no way to navigate an airport, luggage, carry-ons, security or potential infection with the severity of this burn.

Ultimately, I thought I'd give the gel a chance for an hour and decide my next course of action after that. During that hour, I just kept applying more gel as it dried. I was noticing improvement in pain, swelling, and again like like with the minor burns--no blistering! It was seriously unbelievable! I spent the next 10 hours doing nothing but applying coats of gel to my hand, occasionally rinsing it in cool water to check my hand's progress, then applying coats of gel again.

The next day, my hand was practically healed. I didn't even lose skin from my fingertips or anything! I was in such disbelief that I actually called Rich on Christmas Day from the airport to share this absolute miracle. I don't know how or why this gel works so well for burns. It is in an aloe vera base, but burns, and it never took burn pain away like MSM Joint Muscle Support Gel. And, it certainly did not prevent the skin from blistering!

This gel saved my hand and my Christmas with family, and I cannot thank Rich and MSM Health Solutions enough for creating such a high quality product! You should know too that my hand NEVER did even peel after the Christmas burn! That's some miracle, let me tell you! They really should try it on burn patients. It numbs the pain and makes it heal!"
- Kristen Marie
I have wanted to get this to you for some time now. I've fought with dry skin my entire life, including seeing the dermatologist for relief of my dry cracked feet and hands that were so painful. I've tried multiple products over the years and not one of them delivered.... until I tried your MSM Face, Neck and Body Lotion.

I am 72 years old, skin care in the elderly has always been a medical concern requiring much attention.. I am thrilled to tell you, I no longer have this concern and my skin has never looked or felt better. My family is amazed! My husband is a diabetic and is now using this product also.

Skin care in diabetics is crucial in the prevention of infections, which can lead to amputations. Thank you for this and all of your products. We have not been disappointed in the last five years of using your products.
- Victoria Siefert
"Aloha, I attended the Fred Hall Sport Fishing trade show in Long Beach in March of 2016. I'm so glad I stopped at the MSM Health Solutions booth. They were so nice and offered me a sample of MSM gel. I love Naturopathic way of living. In fact, I have substituted many supplements to replace prescription meds.

I wanted to stay longer at the MSM Health Solutions but I had to catch up to my friends. I have to admit my focus was on fishing at the moment. Later that night I tried the gel, which I layered a few times. I really love your product.

After flying back home to Hawaii, I went online to read up more. I have now ordered several times and cannot believe how well the products work. It does everything they said it would ! Amazing products that WORK!" - Sharon Asato
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We have been using MSMfor several years, but your product (hands down) is simply the best we haveever purchased. We have noticed a major difference in our health.....mywife has arthritis in her hand and has not noticed as much pain. Also, Ihave experienced constipation for a number of years, and it has improvedimmensely.

Lastly, this productdoesn't have the bitter taste that all the other MSM products have that we haveused over the years.

Larry Bartlett

Ihave been using MSM now for exactly a year. I have had a partial kneereplacement in my left knee. Needless to say it did not go well. Ihad lots of pain and swelling afterwards and I am a busy mother, wife,grandmother. At the time I tried MSM I was walking around in severe pain. These two wonderful people stopped me and asked if they could help me. She placed the MSM in three layers, "I thought ok let us see whatkind of hocus pocus we have now" I walked 300 ft to the escalatorand by the time I went to the bottom of it I was pain free. I got back onwent back up and bought my life saving gel. I have not needed to haveany surgery right away and was able to be pain free for a year. I amhaving a whole new knee put in and I look forward to using MSM in my recoveryfor inflammation free healing. Thank you for noticing me and givingme back my grandma abilities to run and jump!

PaulaWallis, Oregon.

Ihave a curved spine and I have pain often. My wife had been using thisproduct and shared her testimony with me. She placed the product on myback and I slept the best I have slept in months. I use this productdaily for maintenance and I love it. I also used this product on my kneewhere I had a bone spur and the bone spur is now gone no need for surgery.

Ibought the crystals for my gout and oh It works to keep that painful gout away. Thank you MSM.

JimWallis, Oregon


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